Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bath Mat Mishap

You know what bugs me about Pinterest? It always seems like all the best and cutest home décor ideas are bright white. It's hard resist the crisp and chic look of all white bedding, a white couch, or a white bath mat....so I’m blaming pinterest for my latest first apartment faux-pas.

Thanks to Pinterest,  I totally bought into the idea that now that I’m an adult I can totally own something white without immediately ruining it (#wishfulthinking). I went so far as to believe that I could own a white bathmat and keep it pristine. A bathmat. Aka the thing that goes on the floor whose very purpose is to be stepped on. I was too busy thinking of all the dreamy bathrooms I’d pinned to my brand new “Apartment Living” board to think about the practicality behind buying a white bathmat. I purchased a cute white, pink, orange, and coral bath mat to match my shower curtain all from Target.

 I realized my mistake pretty much immediately, but I stubbornly tried to pretend it wasn’t an issue. As the first month in my apartment went on, I actually found myself trying not to step on the bath mat in order to preserve it’s whiteness. Hello, slippery mess all over my bathroom floor and potential hazard for all who enter (especially, less than graceful me).  After almost breaking my neck slipping on self-created puddles more times than I’d like to admit, I finally bit the bullet, admitted my mistake to myself, and bought a new bath mat—this time in a very forgiving, though a little less adorable, gray.

Any one else try to recreate the living spaces on Pinterest and quickly crash back to reality?

P.S. Check out The Pintester next time you have a pinterest fail to cheer yourself up 

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