Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to: Cure Homesickness

During my first year living in Los Angeles there were many times that I was tempted to create a running list of the most ‘LA’ things to happen to me.  There was the time that my hair dresser told me that the ocean is a great place to network (your guess is as good as mine when it comes to who, exactly, she was networking with) or the time a guy tried to pick me up in the produce section of the grocery store with the winning line ‘so, do you juice?’. Needless to say, LA can seem eons away from my Midwestern roots, and it’s pretty easy to get homesick from time to time. What’s a Midwestern girl to do when she’s homesick you ask? Obviously, dig into the biggest and best plate of chicken and waffles this side of the Mississipi—I guess this answers the question about whether or not I juice as well…

This craving for home cooking naturally brought me to Home, a restaurant and café in trendy (re: hipster) Los Feliz . I was a little nervous when my roommate suggested that we sit outside based on the fact that it was 98 degrees out, but the outdoor seating turned out to be a gorgeous, secret garden-eqsue patio that was cooled to the perfect temperature for dining al fresco by the shade of a giant tree. We were joined for our very early dinner by some unexpected, old friends (see below), and before my food even arrived I was sold on the Home experience.

Hello Shrek and Company

I am always super indecisive when it comes to ordering, and I’ll admit that I waffled (get it? Yikes.) on my decision at Home between a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and the chicken and waffles. Luckily, my waitress happily guided me to what ended up being the best choice of my week. The chicken and waffles were actually unreal, so delicious! I’m always a little confused on how to eat this dish--all in one bite or chicken and waffles separately?-- so I went for both methods. Honestly, both the waffles and the fried chicken were stand-alone fabulous, but the combo with a little maple syrup drizzle was actual nirvana. My only regret was that the dish did not come with a side of waffle fries, but fortunately my beautiful dining companion shared hers, along with the side of ranch she ordered (do you see why we’re friends?). 
I also gotta hand it to the staff. They were patient with my indecision and kept the diet coke flowinggg throughout our meal and even as we sat their ‘digesting’ for an hour after completing our meal. I’m already plotting a way to get back there ASAP. I also am really excited to try out the cute café attached to the restaurant.

LA folks, have you tried out Home yet? Any other recommendations for great comfort food in LA or otherwise?  

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