Thursday, September 18, 2014

Humble Pie Brought To You By: Google Analytics

I’m pretty open about the fact that no one reads this blog. I wasn't even sure I wanttted anyone to read it when I first started, and I actually haven’t told anyone I’m writing it. That being said, this week, I got a little caught up in seeing my views go up on blogger. I had been saying for a while that I wanted to learn how to use google analytics, and I figured this was a perfect opportunity to learn who these amazing readers were and where they were coming from.

Well, it turns out….there were no readers. I guess blogger counts robots that are scanning the web or whatever as readers. So I’m back on planet earth, and while it was disheartening, more so it was enlightening. I was surprised to find out how good it felt to think that someone out there was actually reading my words. I guess I actually do want people to read this. Not because I want to be blog famous, but because I think there is so much to be said and heard in the world, and I just want the chance to be a part of the conversation.

It’s been fun thinking of things that I think my fake readers would like to read about (What do robots like to read? Lmk). But, more so, it’s been fun to have a little place to just write what I think about things. Who knows if anyone but robots will ever read Summer and Atlantic, but if you are a human person, say hi. I’m newly humbled and inspired to have a conversation J

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