Sunday, September 21, 2014

On Giving

My roommate is an exceptionally good person. Not just in the she shares her waffle fries with me kind of way, but in the fact that she works with homeless youth and works more (unpaid) overtime than anyone else I know. It’s actually more than that even.  She always describes herself as “someone who people feel compelled to share their life story with”, and while I, of course, believed it, I was so lucky as to get to experience a small does of this in action this past weekend. 

We stopped at Walgreens on our way to the beach to get a towel for me (not sure why I don't have a beach towel yet--do I even live in LA?) and some sunscreen. I was mindlessly wandering the aisles, texting, and just generally ignoring my surroundings. I turned back to ask my roommate a question, and I saw her talking with a homeless man in the store. He didn’t speak much English, but he was asking her with his hands if she would buy him some food.

This was a Walgreens full of people, but this man walked right up to my roommate without hesitation, as if he knew somehow that she would be the exact right person to ask—which she was. I jumped on the bandwagon of her generosity and bought some water and orange juice for the man, and it was the best five bucks I spent all week.

I feel really lucky to be surrounded by someone who humbles me daily with her generosity, compassion, and openness. I’m really hopeful that some of her positive aura will rub off on me, but in the meantime, I’m happy to ride her coattails. 

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