Sunday, October 12, 2014


Do you ever have a week where you just feel completely off for no reason at all? When there is no other word to describe your mood but: fussy? That was me last week. I skipped all five of the workouts I scheduled for myself, blew my roommate off for our laundry date in order to lay in bed and watch criminal minds, and just generally was a veryyy crabby lady all week. 

I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on with me. I wanted to blame homesickness…but I literally JUST bought a ticket home, so I don’t think it’s that. It’s not hormonal (always with the TMI on S&A). And I actually had a good week work-wise. By Friday I was grasping at straws looking for something to blame my bad mood on, when I finally found the perfect scapegoat.  Now technically Mercury wasn’t retrograde until Wednesday, but whatever, I just got a head start on the craziness to come.

To be honest, I actually didn’t technically know what Mercury retrograde was before I started blaming my attitude on it, but I figured if I’m going to use this excuse for two weeks, I should at least be able to explain it. According to about.astrology.com, Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion caused by Mercury slowing down and appearing from earth to be moving backwards.

In astrology, Mercury is the messenger so this becomes a time of little mishaps that can cause us to get frustrated. The silver lining is, Mercury retrograde provides a time for us to see things in a new way and to gain different perspective and insight on the past.

Now I’m not saying I totally buy into all this astrology stuff, but it sure is nice to not only have a two-week justification for my mood or my mistakes, but also to actually use this time, as suggested, to embrace new perspectives and ideas.

p.s. here’s a cute guide for how to survive

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