Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gone Girl

Everyone and their mom is talking about Gone Girl including, in fact,  my mom who is currently pissed at me for ruining the movie for her because I called her after I finished the book and told her the whole plot. I feel bad, and I wouldn’t have done it if I had known that it would become this super popular movie, but the thing about this effed up tale is after you read or see it—you’ve GOT to talk about it.  The characters are so twisted and conniving and, frankly, real that it’s almost as if you have to purge the story from your mind before it stays in there too long—and I mean that in a good way if you can believe it. 

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I saw the movie adaptation this weekend (after a brief snafu where I thought we were about to see the movie in Spanish and freaked out—#EastLAproblems), and it definitely didn’t disappoint.   Being from the Midwest myself, I definitely got annoyed with some of the overdone “midwestness” of the book and the movie—PSA we don’t sustain ourselves solely on a diet of chicken frito pie, but I digress.

Because I had already read the book, I found myself watching my roommate, who hadn't read it, as much as I watched the movie.  I was basically staring at her waiting to see her reaction to the craziness happening on screen--trying, I guess, to relive my own jarring jaunt through the many plot twists. 

I’ve actually read Gillian Flynn’s two other books as well, and let me tell ya, homegirl has some effed up plotlines running around in her brain.

 Dark Placeswhich also has a recent film adaptationdefinitely falls in the same horrifying-and-exciting genre as Gone Girl, while being a slightly more traditional ‘who-dunnit’ suspense story.  While I absolutely HATED Amy for every single second of Gone Girl, I found Libby, the protagonist in Dark Places, to actually grow into a likeable character throughout the course of the novel. Sharp Objects, her first novel, is my least favorite of her books. It’s less suspenseful and more straight-up depressing. I sort of feel like Gillian Flynn just took a very complicated psychological phenomenon and stretched it into a 300 page novel.

Have you seen Gone Girl yet?

p.s. If you’re looking for more recommendations that fall into this sort of genre, I read Before I go to Sleep a couple of years ago, and it is excellent. It’s also being made into a film, so be sure to check it out! 

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