Wednesday, October 1, 2014

No Shop Check-In

Ahh, at last, October is here. Back when I started my No Shop September goal it felt like this day would never come. In the beginning, I found myself endlessly cultivating wish-lists or walking into stores “just to look” AKA effing torture myself. But now, it’s officially October and I don’t even have the urge to sprint to the nearest NordstromThat is what I call progress.

 I stuck to my goal for the most part though. Besides my vince camuto slip up, I also had to purchase an emergency outfit for work due to some very poor planning on my part. I was helping a friend out by driving him to pick up his new car on the absolute other side of the city, and it took so long that I ended up just sleeping over. Couldn’t exactly go to work in the same outfit as the day before, so to Marshalls I went. I tried to be very intentional while at Marshalls, even though I was in a rush, by only picking out things I would wear again and not getting caught up in how OMGstressed I was about finding something to wear for the next day. Side note: I also got my head stuck in a Kate Spade shirt during this little excursion—as in my head was actually too large to fit through the neck hole—kind of an odd blow to the ego?

This whole shopping cleanse has actually led me to re-evaluate my wardrobe as a whole. I’m definitely not ready for the whole capsule wardrobe thing, but I could definitely benefit from the idea of seeing my wardrobe as a cohesive unit, rather than just a collection of items I like or impulsively purchased. I’m not sure if any of you read Thought Catalog, some of their content can be tired or offensive—kinda comes with the territory since it’s a pretty open forum—but I’ve been a pretty big fan of Chelsea Fagan’s for a while. Her writing is witty and consistently funny. Through reading one of her articles on Thought Catalog¸I discovered her blog The Financial Diet. It’s actually awesome. So many blogs can be so hard to relate to her because they are intentionally vague, portray an unrealistic lifestyle, or are just a medium to spew Rstyle links at me, but I feel like Chelsea has an honest handle on the woes of being out on your own for the first time and trying to figure out your budget. She’s really inspired me to re-evaluate my wardrobe and figure out exactly what I want my personal style to be. I actually took my first trip to Buffalo Exchange as a result of her post on cleaning out your wardrobe, but that experience deserves its own post—coming soon, I hope.