Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Real Review: May Designs

About a week ago, I did a post about things that bug me about how bloggers make money. One thing that I didn’t include because it isn’t a way they make money, per se, is reviews of products that they receive for free. 

Again, it’s not that I don’t understand why companies want to market their products this way AND duh, if I were a famous blogger, I wouldn’t mind free stuff showing up on my door step, but as a reader, it makes it hard to know which reviews are genuine and which are just fueled by the desire for sponsorship. 

 I’m thinking of starting a series of REAL reviews. These are products I’ve spent my money on and my real thoughts on them—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Kickin’ this potential series off with some off the most instagrammable planners around: Maybooks by May Designs.

In August, I purchased two Maybooks, an academic planner (still pretending I’m in college) and a budget notebook, during their 50% off sale. I got a monogram on the academic planner because I’m #basic af, so my total was $29.40. Here they are:

Generally the books start at $14. A monogram is $5 and adding custom inside pages like academic planner, meal planner, calorie + exercise journal, etc., adds $3 to your total. So if you get a monogrammed planner and budget notebook like me it’s usually $22 for the planner + $17 for the budget notebook + shipping, which is like $45 total. AKA wait for the sales and plan ahead because you can get such a better deal.

Before I even get into the nitty gritty review stuff, let me just say, the process of picking out these notebooks is such a thrill. I spent an undisclosed amount of hours on this site before making my choice. Something about playing with all the patterns and colors was just endlessly entertaining.

Anyway, onto the review.

Overall, the planners are really great. They’re cute and light, so I just keep mine in my bag at all times so that I can write things down as they come up. On that note (ha), there isn’t a ton of writing space in the agenda--it's almost more of just a date book. I wouldn’t really have liked it as an actual student because I liked a lot of space to write down everything going on in my classes. Also, in the budget notebook, I’ve completely abandoned the prepared categories they have because they are so weirdly divided. For instance there are only four lines under food/groceries per month. So if I grocery shop every week and go out to eat every once in a while, there isn’t any space for it. Next time, I would skip the prepared pages and just get a blank Maybook to record my expenses. 

If you are content with a smaller/thinner planner, I would recommend these planners. For me, they were worth the thirty bucks I paid for both, not sure if I would feel the same if I got them full price, though to be honest. 

Anyone else have thoughts on May Designs or recommendations for great planners? 

p.s. they're having a sale on Holiday cards right now if you're interested :) 

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