Saturday, November 22, 2014

4 Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts

Like most basic chicks, I loveee the holidays in an obnoxious already-have-a-christmas-tree-listening-to-christmas-music-non-stop kind of way. I love family traditions, giving gifts to the people I love, and obvi seasonally appropriate beverages.

Between holiday travel, impulses scented candle buys at Target, and my very large list of people I holiday shop for, budgeting during the holidays is extremely important to me. Today, I’m sharing four ways to save for the holidays.

11)   Make a list and check it twice: Too cheesy? Sorry. I find it so helpful to make a list of everyone I hope to buy gifts for, write an estimation of how much I will spend next to their name, and add it all up. I try to do this about a month or two beforehand so I can start saving up accordingly.

22)   Ebates or Swagbucks (affiliated link programs): Not sure how much y’all know about using Ebates or Swagbucks when buying items online but they are AWESOME.  Basically you create an account at either website, go to their site and then click whatever online store you want to go to. Once you purchase something you get either cash back sent to you as a check with ebates or “swagbucks’, which are basically points that you can redeem for paypal cash or gift cards. I use both for different things, and it rocks. It definitely doesn’t add up to too much, but hey, any little bit helps J. Full Disclosure: if you click either link and sign up, I get a referral bonus. If ya don't want to do that you can just go to either site, ebates.com or swagbucks.com. 

33)   Shopkick: This app gives you ‘kicks’ for walking into certain partner stores. You can redeem those kicks for gift cards and prizes. It definitely takes a while to get enough kicks for any rewards, but it’s free money for shopping, so what the heck. Full disclosure, I’m actually not too, too impressed with this app, but I did just get enough kicks for a $25 Sephora card, so I can’t complain. (same deal with the referral link) 

44)   Rewards programs: This can mean a variety of things so lets break it down. There are rewards programs like Sephora or Ulta: not linked to a credit or debit card, but just a store program that rewards you as you spend. Then there are store credit/debit cards like at Target, Macy’s or Nordstrom. This one requires some research because generally getting a department store credit card is a very bad idea, but I personally have a Nordstrom card just linked to my debit card, so I don’t have to worry about any crazy interest rates or anything. Finally, there is just the straight up rewards program that your bank/debit/credit card might offer. Once you have these three distinct types of rewards programs in mind you can do your research for which will reward you the best and/or combine rewards programs. For instance, let’s say you have a credit card that gives you cash back on everything you spend and you have an ulta rewards card. You could use your credit card with your ulta rewards card for double savings. For extra smart savings, buy online and use an affiliate link on top of all those savings!

Whew, sorry that last one was so long. I hope this helps you out during the holidays, happy shopping!!

p.s. Bonus suggestion: try bing rewards and you can earn gift cards just for searching things online…takes forever though, just fyi! 

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