Sunday, November 16, 2014

How to Shop for a Baby Shower

There are a lot of things you have to suddenly learn how to do in your early twenties—manage your money, ask for a raise, cook and grocery shop for yourself—the list could go on and on. Speaking of lists or listicles, if you will (love that word), there seem to be absolutely no shortage of  “10 things to know how to do before you turn 23” or “10 things you should have down by age 25”…I hate to add one more thing to these lists because I know this is, like, a lot to take in, but here it is
11) How to buy a baby shower gift

If we’re being honest, the idea of buying a gift for an occasion that seems so removed from anything I’m close to experiencing was very intimidating to me, initially.  Not only do I not really know what expecting parents want or need, but also people can be, rightfully so, very picky about what kind of products they want their baby to have.

I put together a couple of dos and don’ts that I hope will help you if you find yourself lost and wandering the target baby section (aka me like three weeks ago)

DO: Check out the expecting parents registry

This can be a great way to get a sense of what kind of products these particular parents do or don’t want their baby to be using. It’s also a really great source of ideas. I don’t think you necessarily have to stick to the registry, but it can serve as a great jumping off point

DON’T: Get intimidated by the registry!

Quick funny story: my cousin who is expecting recently had a shower and while scrolling through her registry I saw that she had registered for nipple cream.  I basically slammed my laptop closed and called my mom instantly. Call me old fashion, but I just feel nipple cream is a littleee too intimate as far as gifts go.  Generally, though, a registry can be intimidating by being really large and overwhelming or really expensive. Like I said above, use it for ideas and to get a sense of what kind of items these parents might like, then feel free to be creative

DO: Make a plan

If you’re not a parent (or even close), there is nothing more intimidating than baby stores. I seriously don’t even know what half of the stuff is for in the baby section, so I really try to have a plan of attack (aggressive word choice, but accurate) while picking out the gift, so I don’t get overwhelmed. Normally I like to wander around and look at everything while buying gifts, but I find that to not be helpful in this case

DON’T Be Boring

            A friend of mine who recently had a baby told me she actually has started giving away bibs because she has so many that she got as gifts from showers. Obviously bibs are super useful, but they also are a pretty standard gift, so why not try to think outside of the box?  Also, don’t get a gift card. Come on, you’re better than that.

DO: Pick a Theme

            My mom recently gifted my cousin a bunch of little animal themed things—clothing items, toys, etc. and threw in a couple box of animal crackers—how cute is that?! I personally just think it makes it easier to pick out a gift this way. One very easy theme is bath time. Pick up a few bath toys, just be sure to check what age they’re meant for, as well as a towel, wash cloth, and baby soap/lotion and you’ve got a very cute gift set!

DON’T Forget about Mama

            A really cute little touch can be to include a nice little present for the new mama. Just something really small would be nice—a set of comfy pajamas, a starbucks gift card for once she can start drinking coffee again, or even a gift card to a spa to pamper herself post baby.

The most important of all the do’s and don’ts are this do remember that it’s the thought that counts and don’t stress. Anyone else have tips and tricks for buying baby shower gifts? 


  1. great tips!

    giveaway on my blog!


  2. Love your tips - I also had a similar experience with the nipple cream once, but now we've found a new baby gift we like to give all new parents, then I buy a few extras from the registry! :)