Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Favorite Everyday Make-up Tutorials

About four months ago, I had had it. It was around the time when Bethany Mota (who?) was starting her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, a show I've literally never seen but seem to always hear about, when I decided enough was enough. I had to find out what on earth a haul video was. 

I hopped over to youtube, a site I previously only used for X Factor audition videos and Wizard People, and type in "haul video". I can't even remember exactly what came up, and though I was still confused, I just kept clicking and clicking on the suggested videos that popped up until I stumbled upon something actually useful...make-up tutorials. 

I have honestly never been much of a make-up girl. For whatever reason, I just never was very good at it and didn't care enough to learn to get better. I guess I sort of knew that there were youtube videos for hair and make-up tutorials, but I had no idea what an industry this was. It's all a little overwhelming, but there actually are some easy tutorials out there that you don't need 453 products and tools for. I rounded up my 3 favorites here! 

Nicole Guerriero is one of my favs (now that I have favs, you know). She makes even tricky make-up things seem easier somehow. Generally, she wears a bit more make up than me, but she keeps it pretty simple for this tutorial. There's a long intro, so go ahead and fast-forward to around the 1:45 mark, if you wish, 

Zoella is apparently, like, pretty famous--she even has a book. I don't really watch her videos, but I just love her voice and this look. 

Rhaea Estelle doesn't really put up that many videos--but I think when she does her videos are really great! 

Do you have any favorite tutorials or beauty gurus (a new term that I've learned....)? 

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